Monday, November 29, 2010

Help me decide!

I've been on a pretty good reading streak lately devouring everything from Julie and Julia to The Facebook Effect to The Help (loved!). But now, I'm at a loss for where to start next. My "to read at some point" book list currently has 67 books on it. Sometimes I like young adult fiction, sometimes historical biographies, other times I try to tackle the classics I just haven't finished yet. Like Pride and Prejudice which I've started at least four times and never finished. But I digress.

I randomly chose the five titles to the right from my list for an informal poll here on Hybrid Cars. Take a sec to vote and the winner will be my next assignment. Thanks!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Is this where everyday moms and fashion finally meet?

I've always loved clothes, even before I worked in retail at J.Crew. I was an early fan of the Gap sale rack and always found things to buy at The Limited because my mom approved of their "more mature looking" style.

Lately, I've found it harder to shop because a) I'm never without 2 or 3 boys in tow and b) because I just can't justify spending money on clothes at this moment. Well last week, this article caught my eye. I follow Fast Company on twitter for all the latest business news and this article boasted that Crocs were making a comeback.

I've never owned a pair of Crocs and I always heard it wasn't a good idea to put kids in them too early because of their lack of support. But this article may help me change my tune.

Check these new styles out!

The updated, current jelly shoe.

The autumn-flavored, suede pump.

What do you think? Are these appealing to other on-the-go, fast-paced moms?

Friday, October 22, 2010

This and That (October)

My house has been ill this month. Everyone's been some form of sick or not feeling well. Lately, it's growing teeth that has us all down. Pain and soreness for the boys with tiredness and increased worrying for me. Hopefully, we're coming out of it.

For this long overdue blog post, I am borrowing an idea from a blog I follow called Tierd. This mom writes her post in the form of short anecdotes about her children she calls "Bits and Pieces." Here's my list of the little things we've been experiencing lately.

  • The boys are talking much more lately and their newest words include Hi, bye bye, baby, quack quack, ball, and dog. My favorites are baby because Weston says it like this "Baaayy - be" and does the baby sign at the same time. And I also like to ask "what do lions say?" and hear both Charlie and Weston say "Arrr!!"
  • Much to Aaron's chagrin, the boys new favorite pasttime is turning off the cable box while he's watching sports. They actually know what the button does when they push it because they will push it once, then pop up and see what happens to the picture on the TV, then squat back down under the TV to push the button on the cable box again.
  • Both of my guys are pretty good eaters but have lately been rejecting the oddest things. Weston turns his nose up at pasta salad with carrots, cheese, and pepperoni so Charlie will just eat his. Both boys also don't like cut up apple but they will eat applesauce.
  • Bath time has become short and sweet because they've figured out how to work the drain to let the water out. Sometimes it happens when the soap isn't even out of their hair yet!
  • Weston was sick and didn't go to school on Tuesday so when we picked up Charlie at the end of the day, Weston kept reaching out to grab his face because he was so excited to see his Charlie again. I am glad to see this brotherly love so early

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Differences Between Moms and Dads

This morning, Weston's teacher informed us that yesterday he chased, caught, and proceeded to taste a frog by putting it in his mouth.

My reaction: Gag. Ugh! Yuck! Eww! That's disgusting! I'm so glad we brushed his teeth last night! And I proceeded to eye my cute little boy with a look of apprehension.

My husband's reaction: That's what little boys do.

I am completely out numbered.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Adventures of Captain Destructo and The Annihilator: #12

My twin boys turned one year-old about two weeks ago and are two very active little characters! This weekend gave us reason to give them new nicknames: Captain Destructo and The Annihilator.

My husband and I first thought of theses names after surveying our living room on Saturday night. Wooden ark animals, blocks, and balls were strewn from one end of the house to the other. My coffee table bore the scars of being rammed with a fire engine. Even their father and I could count a new scratch or two thanks to their amazingly fast growing finger nails. Thus, Captain Destructo (Charlie) and The Annihilator (Weston) came to live at my house.

The specific adventure I want to discuss today took place at the lovely neighborhood grocery market. Riding along in their side-by-side stroller, Captain Destructo and The Annihilator began taking turns putting their index fingers into each others mouth. Hehehe, hahaha, so funny.

Until The Annihilator used his four baby-sized chompers to bite down, and hold on, to Captain Destructo's finger.

Then came the tears...and the whining...and the shrinking away into the corner of the stroller to try and get away. We couldn't get through the "speedy" 20 items only checkout fast enough.

Despite all this, I love my boys. Before I was ever pregnant, I always thought it would be fun to have two boys who would be brothers as well as great friends. I can already see that happening, despite occasional appearances of Captain Destructo and The Annihilator.

I look forward to all of their future adventures.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blog to Browse: Steph Cooks

Hi ya'll. Happy Sunday. If you're at all interested in home grown, home cooked food, check out this blog by my colleague Stephanie:

It's all about Stephanie and her family as she documents recipes she creates. At the same time, she writes a blog for Greenling, a local organic food delivery service in the Austin/San Antonio area. In exchange, Greenling gives Stephanie a free Local Box each week, containing a collection of fresh, seasonal, local produce.

Pretty cool, huh? My fave recipe so far is for chicken-orzo soup. Doesn't this photo just make you want to grab a spoon?


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