Monday, October 22, 2007

bouquets of sharpened pencils

I'm a sucker for office supplies. There's something about brightly-colored file folders, super sticky post-it notes, crayons, and #2 lead pencils that make me excited to work during the day. I'm a writer and sadly, the world has been overtaken by keyboards and online newspapers. I'm also a tree hugger so I don't mind so much that we are conserving paper by reading our favorite newspapers online. I traded in my favorite post-it pads today for a homemade pad of paper made of neon orange paper scraps and rubber cement.

What is it about Autumn that wakes the spirit? It's the blustery wind bringing nearby grill smells to your nose. It's falling leaves and finding acorns with their hats still attached. It's watching your favorite movie with a white porcelain mug of hot chocolate. Autumn signals the beginning of the winter holidays and summer's siesta.

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