Monday, November 10, 2008

My New Mantra

I am fairly certain that given a cape and a nice tiara, I could save the world.I want to chant this phrase as I step foot out my door every morning. I picture myself in a red, felt cape and sparkly, gold tiara - head held high and a strut in my step. What can't I do? What obstacle can't I tackle.

None I say! ;-)

Where does this onslaught of goodness, optimism, and all 'round smiley-ness come from? I've just come from purchasing two children's coats for a Coats for Kids drive at work. I spent the small amount of $38.70 to secure two winter coats for a boy and a girl who may not otherwise have the opportunity to own that extra layer of warmth this season.

For a girl, I bought a shiny, red puffy jacket with a fleece lining and faux fur around the hood. For a boy, I bought a very stylish khaki jacket lined with blue plaid fleece and housing several good pockets for holding the loot little boys tend to carry.

As sad as it sometimes is to think about those less fortunate, I say this because I often have tears in my eyes as empathy rises in me and I almost can't bear the sadness of the situation, this holiday season in particular may be the onslaught of the "perfect storm." Donations to non-profit organizations will decrease with the current financial state of the world but the needs of those less fortunate and the demands on those same non-profit organizations is bound to increase.

Whether it be a child's coat, a can of green beans, a Thanksgiving dinner, or a multi-figure check, I encourage you to research what you can do for those less fortunate.

However small the amount of money or gesture of kindness, I hope you find your own way to wear a cape and a nice tiara this holiday season.

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Kelly said...

Love that mantra! Where does it come from? Did you make it up? It's awesome!!!


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