Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Spring (& an Apology)

Dear blog-readin' friends,

I've been gone for almost two months and have lots to update you on. As for my absence, I have no good excuse. (Although I thought about blaming the Cottage Living cancellation postcard I received the very day AFTER I wrote the previous post but that's not really the reason). I've had a very busy January and February. I'll try to sum it up for you.

On January 1, I found out I was pregnant (Woohoo!). On January 22 I saw the first picture of my healthy baby (so cute!). On February 5, my doctor is looking at my baby's picture and says "Huh, it's kinda fuzzy and I think there are two." (Scuse me?) At this point, my brain went fuzzy and I started a 3-hour episode of uncontrollable, sporadic crying. I left the doctor, went straight to Sonic for cheese sticks and then sat on my couch for the rest of the night.

So in a nutshell, I'm having twins! I'm very excited about the idea now, I just had to get over the initial shock of double the cost, double the diapers, double the breastfeeding, and double the over-sized, colorful plastic baby gear one must own to entertain, nurture, and raise double the amount of baby.

Other than that, I've had an uneventful two months. Probably due to the fact that I'm making time to sleep and eat and not much else. I have read a book, Old School by Tobias Wolff, and I highly recommend it. I began watching the John Adams mini-series that just came out with Laura Linney and Paul Giamatti. Also highly recommended.

(I did have an interesting craving episode where I woke up at 3:30am craving Arby's so bad I could taste it! I waited all through the next day and then drove thru immediately upon leaving work and ordered a roast beef sandwich, curly fries, and lots of Arby's sauce. Best meal I've had in a long time.)

So thanks Hil for your "Ode to the Ever-Present Blog Post" comment. I'm glad you're such an avid reader, even though you have to remind me, multiple times, to update my blog. I think you need to blog about your bike because I haven't seen it in the lot lately...consider yourself challenged. ;-)


Arnette said...

Congrats Lacy!!

Hil said...

Touche, Lacy. Touche!

My bike has been gone for a week and a half - it is true! I've got to get back in the little seat.

I am excited that we only must round up 998 Methodists now. Twins!


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Lacy!

We should get together and share some calories soon!

Kelly said...

Ah, you're back! About time!

Are you going to post a picture of your two cutie pies? :-)


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