Monday, November 29, 2010

Help me decide!

I've been on a pretty good reading streak lately devouring everything from Julie and Julia to The Facebook Effect to The Help (loved!). But now, I'm at a loss for where to start next. My "to read at some point" book list currently has 67 books on it. Sometimes I like young adult fiction, sometimes historical biographies, other times I try to tackle the classics I just haven't finished yet. Like Pride and Prejudice which I've started at least four times and never finished. But I digress.

I randomly chose the five titles to the right from my list for an informal poll here on Hybrid Cars. Take a sec to vote and the winner will be my next assignment. Thanks!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Is this where everyday moms and fashion finally meet?

I've always loved clothes, even before I worked in retail at J.Crew. I was an early fan of the Gap sale rack and always found things to buy at The Limited because my mom approved of their "more mature looking" style.

Lately, I've found it harder to shop because a) I'm never without 2 or 3 boys in tow and b) because I just can't justify spending money on clothes at this moment. Well last week, this article caught my eye. I follow Fast Company on twitter for all the latest business news and this article boasted that Crocs were making a comeback.

I've never owned a pair of Crocs and I always heard it wasn't a good idea to put kids in them too early because of their lack of support. But this article may help me change my tune.

Check these new styles out!

The updated, current jelly shoe.

The autumn-flavored, suede pump.

What do you think? Are these appealing to other on-the-go, fast-paced moms?

Friday, October 22, 2010

This and That (October)

My house has been ill this month. Everyone's been some form of sick or not feeling well. Lately, it's growing teeth that has us all down. Pain and soreness for the boys with tiredness and increased worrying for me. Hopefully, we're coming out of it.

For this long overdue blog post, I am borrowing an idea from a blog I follow called Tierd. This mom writes her post in the form of short anecdotes about her children she calls "Bits and Pieces." Here's my list of the little things we've been experiencing lately.

  • The boys are talking much more lately and their newest words include Hi, bye bye, baby, quack quack, ball, and dog. My favorites are baby because Weston says it like this "Baaayy - be" and does the baby sign at the same time. And I also like to ask "what do lions say?" and hear both Charlie and Weston say "Arrr!!"
  • Much to Aaron's chagrin, the boys new favorite pasttime is turning off the cable box while he's watching sports. They actually know what the button does when they push it because they will push it once, then pop up and see what happens to the picture on the TV, then squat back down under the TV to push the button on the cable box again.
  • Both of my guys are pretty good eaters but have lately been rejecting the oddest things. Weston turns his nose up at pasta salad with carrots, cheese, and pepperoni so Charlie will just eat his. Both boys also don't like cut up apple but they will eat applesauce.
  • Bath time has become short and sweet because they've figured out how to work the drain to let the water out. Sometimes it happens when the soap isn't even out of their hair yet!
  • Weston was sick and didn't go to school on Tuesday so when we picked up Charlie at the end of the day, Weston kept reaching out to grab his face because he was so excited to see his Charlie again. I am glad to see this brotherly love so early

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Differences Between Moms and Dads

This morning, Weston's teacher informed us that yesterday he chased, caught, and proceeded to taste a frog by putting it in his mouth.

My reaction: Gag. Ugh! Yuck! Eww! That's disgusting! I'm so glad we brushed his teeth last night! And I proceeded to eye my cute little boy with a look of apprehension.

My husband's reaction: That's what little boys do.

I am completely out numbered.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Adventures of Captain Destructo and The Annihilator: #12

My twin boys turned one year-old about two weeks ago and are two very active little characters! This weekend gave us reason to give them new nicknames: Captain Destructo and The Annihilator.

My husband and I first thought of theses names after surveying our living room on Saturday night. Wooden ark animals, blocks, and balls were strewn from one end of the house to the other. My coffee table bore the scars of being rammed with a fire engine. Even their father and I could count a new scratch or two thanks to their amazingly fast growing finger nails. Thus, Captain Destructo (Charlie) and The Annihilator (Weston) came to live at my house.

The specific adventure I want to discuss today took place at the lovely neighborhood grocery market. Riding along in their side-by-side stroller, Captain Destructo and The Annihilator began taking turns putting their index fingers into each others mouth. Hehehe, hahaha, so funny.

Until The Annihilator used his four baby-sized chompers to bite down, and hold on, to Captain Destructo's finger.

Then came the tears...and the whining...and the shrinking away into the corner of the stroller to try and get away. We couldn't get through the "speedy" 20 items only checkout fast enough.

Despite all this, I love my boys. Before I was ever pregnant, I always thought it would be fun to have two boys who would be brothers as well as great friends. I can already see that happening, despite occasional appearances of Captain Destructo and The Annihilator.

I look forward to all of their future adventures.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blog to Browse: Steph Cooks

Hi ya'll. Happy Sunday. If you're at all interested in home grown, home cooked food, check out this blog by my colleague Stephanie:

It's all about Stephanie and her family as she documents recipes she creates. At the same time, she writes a blog for Greenling, a local organic food delivery service in the Austin/San Antonio area. In exchange, Greenling gives Stephanie a free Local Box each week, containing a collection of fresh, seasonal, local produce.

Pretty cool, huh? My fave recipe so far is for chicken-orzo soup. Doesn't this photo just make you want to grab a spoon?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Book Review: Girl Sleuth - Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her

I read this book several years ago but last week, I was hunting Etsy for some curious find or another and I came across a host of clothing designed to pay homage to the beloved girl detective, Nancy Drew.

As a kid, I read many vintage book series' such as The Hardy Boys and The Bobbsey Twins, but Nancy was always my favorite. In her book all about the history of Nancy, Melanie Rehak describes the publishing process by which many of these young adult series' came to be written. Her account also includes details about how one woman named Carolyn Keene could have possibly written all those harrowing tales about Nancy and her troupe of mystery-solving friends. (Hint: this would be a HUGE spoiler-alert if I continued further.)

What I always loved about Nancy's stories were the tight spots she managed to find herself in and how, seemingly inevitably, she could escape unharmed within the last 10 pages. She was spunky, drove a blue roadster, had true friends, and only wanted to help people. My favorite of the series was The Quest of the Missing Map partly because my American Girl doll Molly also had a teeny, tiny cop of the missing map tome AND also because Nancy's boyfriend had a larger than normal supporting role. The image of Nancy's beau, Ned Nickerson, in polo shirt and penny loafers gave me hope to find a chivalrous gentleman all my own. Luckily, I found one. ;-)

So, if you're looking for a good mystery, Rehak's well-researched book will send you in search of your old Nancy Drews. But, thanks to Rehak's account of how Nancy Drew's world was actually created, you'll never read them the same way again.

PS: I created an Etsy treasury all about Nancy. Check it out here.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Here's what I'll be doing next week, what will you be doing?

I work as a writer for a technology company in Austin, Texas. I write letters, news releases, reports, articles, and other various marketing materials. Next week marks our annual user conference and man, am I busy! But it's all good, great, and grand: the amount of stuff I have the opportunity to learn is tremendous.

Specifically, I'm working on one summit at the conference that is all about green energy technology.

The NIWeek Energy Technology Summit - Transition to Sustainability is a technical conference of developers from both conventional and renewable energy sectors creating embedded hardware and software solutions to solve global energy problems.

I'll be joining Siemens Wind Power, IBM, CenterPoint Energy, Austin Energy, Pacific Gas & Electric, the National Renewable Energy Lab, venture capitalist and internet pioneer Robert Metcalfe and energy system designers from around the world in a technical event for and by engineers and scientists focused on making energy cleaner, cheaper and more abundant.

Pretty cool, huh? I'll be sure to share any new knowledge with you after the event.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Looks I Love Right Now

I've been meaning to blog about Madewell for a while. I first heard about Madewell when the brand originally launched because I worked at its sister store, J.Crew.

If you haven't stepped foot in a Madewell store yet or perused their website, you should. I like Madewell for it's easy, casual style with a few girly patterns, textures, and frills thrown in. I also appreciate that they sell jeans in European sizes and multiple lengths. (How lovely it is to be 5'9" and not have to order Tall lengths because the regular length is just half an inch too short.)

I own jeans from Madewell, pocket tees, button-front shirts, and a very sweet wool vest that zips up and has multiple pockets.

Here's the site:

And here's a few looks I love right now:

Enjoy. And let me know what you like.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I love Pixar's movie Up. The love story is genuine and the adventure is priceless. I made an Etsy treasury full of items that get to the heart of that story.

My Treasury

Check it out.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Scents of Summer

During the one summer in which I took summer courses in college, my roommate and I spent an afternoon shopping The purpose was to fill our shopping carts with every item we would purchase if we had the money for real and then calculate the total. I think my total was a meager $275, pennies by today's J.Crew prices. (this was before J.Crew got its recent, style overhaul and the average price on every tag became $118. Trust me, just shop there for a few minutes and look at a few tags. They will either read $108 or $118.)

It was innocent fun and allowed us a moment of complete indulgence, at least in our imaginations.

Today, I've done something similar on Etsy by creating a treasury chock full of my favorite things about summer. When I think of summer, I think of lawn chairs, lightning bugs, lemonade, and sun dresses. What do you think of?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Owls, Little Girls, and New Rooms

When my friend Kelly said she let her 2 year-old daughter Abby pick out the paint color for her new room, I eagerly asked what other plans she had for the room. Kelly said her daughter also requested pink sheets and that's about it. I sighed dramatically as I propped my chin in my hand and expressed how fun I thought it would be to design a little gal's bedroom.

So I did.

Whether my friend liked it or not. ;-)

Note: my boys next bedroom is already planned and designed. They get no choice. ;-)

These are two concepts I created for Abby. I based both designs on her favorite colors, animals, toys, and books. I then came up with two general styles for a child's bedroom.

Concept 1

Concept 2

I presented both concepts to the parents and currently, they are discussing everything with Abby. I had so much fun and I can't wait to find pricing information and a budget for the final design.

Currently, I am researching how much a gal can make per hour for something like this. ;-)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Since When Do the Products We Wipe Our Bums with Need to Be Segregated by Gender?

Being the budget-conscious parents of twins that we are, we decided to try Target brand baby wipes for a change. We have tried the cheaper Walmart brand (papery-feeling and the wipes don't connect and pull the next wipe through the wipe box's slot like they should) but decided to also give the Target brand a try.

Here is what we found in the baby wipe aisle today. A blue box of wipes, a pink box of wipes, and a purple box of wipes. The blue box of course featured a baby boy and the pink box featured a baby girl. Blatant gender stereotyping. Upon further inspection, it appears that the wipes are virtually the SAME wipes, just packaged differently based on gender.
I have included for you a table that catalogs the details of the wipes by gender-marketed box:

Blue Box of Baby WipesPink Box of Baby Wipes
704 wipesXX
real-cloth wipesXX
alcohol freeXX
natural aloe and Vitamin EXX
cushiony texture for superior cleaningXX
"cushy tushy"X
"dainty wipes"X
boy baby on the boxX
girl baby on the box holding a flowerX

So, essentially, the two boxes of wipes are exactly the same except for the scent. However, Target has chosen to enhance this difference by including gender stereotypes like color, phrasing (apparently boys cannot be dainty) and object placement (the "girly" flower). And how about that lack of scent for the boys? I guess boys don't need to smell nice.

Perhaps I harbor a mild bias because my children are boys. What most concerns me is what all children will take away from this. Boys are rough and tumble; girls are dainty. Boys like blue and not pink; girls like pink and would never wear blue. Girls like flowers; boys do not. Beyond what kids will see, what characteristics will the adults in their lives put upon them simply because their world is stereotyped from day one?

I hope you take note of gender stereotypes in your world and do what you can to challenge them.

P.S. - If you are curious about the purple box of wipes, it's the same as the unscented boy box only labelled "sensitive," "majorly mild," and "ideal for newborns." And I would argue that purple is not a known gender neutral color. I would guess that most people associate purple with girls and thus, thanks again to Target, might now associate sensitivity and mild tempers only with girls.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Prayer for 30 More Minutes of Sleep

My friend Hilary lent a book to me today called Mommy Prayers. Included in it are all the concerns new mommies find themselves talking to God about. There is a prayer for "my unwashed hair" and a prayer for "pumping at the office" (I can totally relate after 4 months of awkwardness spent in utility closets, aka, "lactation rooms") and a prayer for "the lost binkie."

Tonight, I offer you my prayer for 30 more minutes of sleep.

Dear God, I know this seems trivial, but you are my last hope. Charlie and Weston really are good little boys. Beyond the occasional bump and bruise acquired by new crawlers, they are happy, healthy, and good sleepers. To a point. Why has Charlie started waking up at 5:47 a.m. for the last two weeks? What happened to the sweet little boy who slept until almost 7:00? Why has he been replaced by a mischevious pre-6:00 a.m. riser who coerces his brother into waking too? Please God, take me back to the time before two weeks ago when this mysterious "growth spurt" or "phase" took over my child and prevented him from sleeping past 5:47 each morning. Please let my boys sleep until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow...ok, 6:45 at least (though you have been known to work miracles) so we can all wake up on the right side of the bed again. Thank you.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Secret Desire to Learn to Play the Banjo

In terms of musical talent, I wouldn't rank myself up there with Pavarotti or The Edge or even Beyonce. I would say I'm more on the level of the first American Idol castoff of the season or your neighborhood kid forced to take piano lessons. (a 3-year graduate myself and all I have to show for it is Yankee Doodle.)

Despite these obvious setbacks, something in me has always wanted to learn to play the Banjo. Why? I really need a valid reason? I mean, my friend Crystal has joined a curling league and curls every Sunday morning so does one really need to explain their quirky extracurricular activities? I think not.

The banjo is round, country, a string instrument. I just think it would be fun. Here are two examples to help you understand:

And if funnyman Steve Martin can do it, I'm on the bandwagon.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Red Poppy Fest Recap

As small town festivals go, the annual Georgetown Red Poppy Fest was quite entertaining. Up early thanks to the twins, we hit the downtown square about 10:00 and enjoyed the beautiful weather as we walked 6 blocks of crafty booths and vintage cars at the car show.

Around lunch time, we stopped at the "food court," (the parking lot where all the fried food trialers were parked) and treated ourselves to sausage dogs, homemade potato chips, and lemonade from Alex's Lemonade Stand. We parked the stroller in the shade and watched the people go by while we ate and then headed straight to Galaxy Cupcakes for dessert. This is one of my favorite new additions to our town. I had chocolate raspberry and Aaron had vanilla.

Having traversed all there was to see downtown, we then took a Saturday drive past some of my favorite cottages who were celebrating the fest with yards festooned with poppies.

Green house on the corner
Grey two-story

Yellow house with blue door

Until the next poppy fest...I am going to work on convincing my Hubs to let me scatter poppy seeds all over our front yard. We'll see what he says. ;-)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Next Generation of Bookworms

As a kid, I wiled away hours in my room with my nose in a book. I read lots of things and went through significant, more focused periods. Like the years I spent reading anything related to girls and horses. Or the summer I read books related to space flight like October Sky, Apollo 13, and Flying to the Moon. Then there were the memorable tomes related to the search for Amelia Earhart, the history of Nancy Drew, and the Forrest Gump duo (did YOU know there was a sequel?).

In college and graduate school, I turned my focus to war novels, specifically from the Vietnam War era. Books like The Things They Carried, Dispatches, and A Rumor of War are both chilling and unbelievably moving.

As an adult, I have added to my growing list of favorites with books such as Ella Minnow Pea, The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau Banks, The Flying Troutmans, and of course the wizarding world of Harry Potter. If you ask me what my favorite book ever has been, I will choose The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing by Melissa Bank. I highly recommend it.

Now, to the point of this post. As you know, Apple recently released the iPad and with it, they released the capabilty for book-related Apps that I think will excite young readers endlessly.Have you seen this video of Alice in Wonderland for the iPad?

Were the App-makers purposely trying to launch the next great tool for parents and teachers who struggle to get their kids reading? Probably not, at least, that wasn't priority numero uno. But I hope they add more books to the Apple library because I think it can only get better from here.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Lone Girl in a House of Boys

I have long been known as a penny-pincher. "Thrifty" you might say. I can feel an immense guilt-trip upon making a needless purchase on clothes or accessories (thanks again mom and dad for being the best guilt-trippers, ever.) :-)

Now, as a mom of 9-month old twins, I think about budget more than ever. I rarely spend money on clothes for myself anymore as things like diapers, formula, baby food, and more formula have taken their place on my sales receipts. When I first learned I was having boys, I thought it would be difficult to find boy clothes as cute as what they make for little girls.

Not true, it turns out. Girl's clothes do tend to be brighter and more sparkly, thus catching your eye more quickly in the store. But boys clothes are often more rugged, more flexible, and more in the "earth tone" family than girls' clothes. I have embraced the outdoor-sy, bug and truck-themed wear and think my boys look cute even when drool and spit-up have soaked the necks of their shirts.

To give you an idea of the upcoming outfits I have planned for my twins, I've included a few examples below. I hope C & W let me shop for and outfit them for a long time to come.

love the shoes, love the jacket. Note that this young chap has a plant in his backpack. So sweet! (crewcuts)

I like the mismash of the yellow tee and orange kicks (crewcuts)

This reminds me of their dad. (crewcuts)

Here's what they look like now in their striped polos and cargo shorts. (Target)
Awesome image courtesy of our good friend Heather at Eclectic Images Photography. Check out her web site to see more of C & W!

With my good sense of fashion, I bet they'll let me dress them through high school, don't ya think? ;-)

Friday, April 9, 2010

One More Festival You Just Can't Miss!

Earlier today, my friend Kendall alerted me to the alarming fact that I forgot to list a very important, prestigious festival in my previous blog post. She has been preparing to attend this festival for days and is taking her entire family with her. Her husband, and two very sweet weiner dogs.

Apparently, I've lived all this time in Central Texas and never realized that just south of her was the "Weiner Dog Capital of Texas." Who knew? And each year, they hold a very popular event: the annual weiner dog races. Each year has a theme and this year's is "The Weiner of Oz." Let's not pause long enough to contemplate the, um, silliness of that name. Moving on!

The event includes not only the races but a costume parade, chili and bbq cook-off, a bake-off, crafts, AND a dance!

To give you a real idea of what's in store, check out this video "The Lord of the Weins: a Dachumentary."

Have fun at the races Kendall!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Find a Festival

If you're hankering for some good ol', family friendly, cheap entertainment, I've got a solution for you. Go local and find a small-town Texas festival near you. I've been looking forward to a festival later this month in Georgetown since I missed last year's fest.

Coming up this Saturday and Sunday is the Poteet Strawberry Festival. There is an official judge of Poteet's best strawberries, a parade, carnival, and Taste of Texas Foodshow.

Also this weekend is the Bluebonnet Festival in Burnet. I attended this fest several years ago when a last minute cold snap rendered my cute spring shorts and sandals completely pointless. The shops around the Burnet courthouse were still fun to check out though. And bonus, if you live in the Austin area, you can ride the Austin steam train from Cedar Park to the festival in Burnet for an extra treat.

Personally, I am looking forward to Georgetown's annual Red Poppy Fest on April 24. Events include a classic car show, Market Days on the Georgetown square, a home brew fest, the Red Poppy 5k race and more.

To find more festivals near you, check out this website:

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Mom Moment #347

Last night my hubs and I were watching one of my new favorite shows, Parenthood. One of the scenes involved a mom helping her brother's son remove his stuck thumb from the mouth of a soda can.

The mom says something like "I happen to have some slippery slime in my purse so we'll put that on it and it should come right off. Let's say the magic words as I pull your thumb out, 'slippery, slimy, slippy!'"

Then voila! The kid's thumb is free.

I then turn to Aaron and say "I'm going to have to Google that slippery slime stuff and make sure I have some in the diaper bag." He looks at me and says, "All that was was lotion."

Maybe I should Google cool mom ways to help your kids out of stuck situations.

 My two little monsters. Let's hope for their sake they never stick their thumbs into any soda cans.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I am celebrating the 28th anniversary of the day I was born. Thanks mom and dad for having me and having me first (cuz Rusty's a pretty fun little brother).

Thanks also to my mom for another wonderful variety of gifts such as my very own copy of one of my favorite books, Ella Minnow Pea, a pint-sized Italian creme cake, a sweet $5 pair of jeans, a $100 bill, and several fun food items. And thanks for letting me talk you into giving them to me a day early. I knew you'd be easy to win over.

For myself, I bought these fun felt flower headbands from my friend Ann's Etsy shop.

pink flower headband (which I'm wearing today to tame my rainy day hair)
blue flower headband

You should spend some time window shopping in her shop today.

Tonight, my hubs is taking me out for dinner and a movie, Alice in Wonderland (he even told me he'd spring for the 3D tickets!) and my mom is watching the boys. All around, a wonderful day.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Frivolous Purchases

If I could make one purchase right now that I wouldn't feel guilty about, that I wouldn't think twice about, that my husband wouldn't shake his head at, I would buy...ready? A bike with a basket.

Why? Because it would make me happy. I smile right now just thinking about it.

When I think about purchasing a bike with a basket, I think of all the great things I could do! I could pedal to the grocery store and CVS. I could wheel over to downtown Georgetown and peruse the gift and antique shops. I could head over to the Georgetown library to borrow a few books. If I were closer, I could even cruise to work on my bike like my friend Hilary. (Her bike is green with a leather seat and handles.)

I could even continue my stylish ways with a pin-striped basket like my friend Ann suggests here or like this sweet, green number.
Last spring I observed a cute couple riding matching bikes with baskets near Lake Georgetown. Hers was pink, his was blue. Too cute.

If this weren't just a post about frivoulous purchases and I really was capable of buying myself this little present, here's a few I like:

The last bike with the headlamp and saddlebag-style basket is my current favorite. Now, that's it, I'm done. Go daydream about your idea of a frivolous purchase for a while. (wink.)

Friday, January 8, 2010

My Morning

One of my working mom colleagues had a particularly entertaining morning getting her toddler dressed and off to school by herself for the first time. I thought it was so hilarious that I just had to catalog my own morning routine. 

Here it is for your reading pleasure:
  • 1 alarm ringing at 6:00 a.m.
  • 1 tired mama observing silence from the baby monitor sitting on her bedside table
  • 1 mama hitting snooze
  • 1 alarm ringing at 6:09 a.m.
  • 1 still tired mama observing continued silence from baby monitor
  • 1 mama hitting snooze
  • 1 alarm ringing at 6:18 a.m.
  • 1 mama finally getting out of bed to brush her teeth, do her makeup and hair
  • 1 mama padding through darkness to kitchen to pull 2 baby bottles out of the fridge
  • 1 mama turning on computer to check her work website for "ice day" message.
  • 1 mama finds out office is still open for business
  • 1 alarm ringing at 6:28 a.m. to wake up 1 still sleeping daddy
  • 1 mama getting herself dressed while warming 2 baby bottles
  • 1 mama refreshing her internet browser to double-check work website for "ice day" message
  • 1 mama finding office is still open for business
  • 1 mama deciding to send a baby photo update email to the Grandparents at 6:38 a.m. so they and their subscribers don't get grouchy 
  • 2 babies chattering from their cribs at 6:40 a.m.
  • 1 mama packing her lunch and setting aside 2 clean, empty baby bottles for day care
  • 1 mama and 1 daddy saying good morning to 2 baby boys at 6:45 a.m.
  • 1 mama feeding 1 Weston while attached to a double breast pump at 6:50 a.m.
  • 1 daddy feeding 1 Charlie while watching the news
  • 2 parents depositing 2 babies back in crib to be changed at 7:10 a.m.
  • 1 mama changing 2 diapers while 1 daddy showers
  • 1 mama dressing 2 babies in warm, fleecy outfits to brave arctic blast on the way to day care
  • 1 mama depositing 1 Weston in a swing to play
  • 1 mama depositing 1 Charlie in a second swing to play
  • 1 mama making 2 bottles out of formula and previously pumped milk
  • 1 mama talking to 2 babies while packing pump supplies for the day
  • 1 mama pouring milk into a thermos for the cereal she will eat at work
  • 1 mama doing a final check of her work web site for "ice day" message. No dice.
  • 1 daddy entering kitchen fully dressed
  • 1 daddy helping 1 mama decide to make a pot of coffee at home so she doesn't buy any at work
  • 1 mama loading car with her 4 bags while coffee is brewing: 1 mama lunch, 1 laptop bag, 1 breast pump, 1 bag of baby items to donate
  • 1 mama and 1 daddy putting on coats while coffee finishes brewing
  • 1 mama and 1 daddy loading 2 babies into car seats
  • 1 mama and 1 daddy preparing 2 travel mugs of coffee (his inky black, hers almost white with copious amounts of hazelnut creamer added)
  • 1 mama and 1 daddy loading 2 babies and 2 baby bottles into car
  • 1 mama and 1 daddy drive 2 blocks to day care at 7:52 a.m.
  • 1 mama and 1 daddy have to park in day care lot because drop-off lane is completely full
  • 1 mama and 1 daddy deposit 2 babies in day care classroom
  • 1 daddy hands 2 baby bottles to day care teacher
  • 1 mama receives 1 bag of clean baby clothes from teacher due to baby blow out the previous day 
  • 1 mama and 1 daddy pat 2 babies on the back and wave bye
  • 1 mama and 1 daddy drive to work at 7:58 a.m.
  • 1 mama arrives at work at 8:20 a.m. still with warm coffee and cold milk for her breakfast


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