Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Frivolous Purchases

If I could make one purchase right now that I wouldn't feel guilty about, that I wouldn't think twice about, that my husband wouldn't shake his head at, I would buy...ready? A bike with a basket.

Why? Because it would make me happy. I smile right now just thinking about it.

When I think about purchasing a bike with a basket, I think of all the great things I could do! I could pedal to the grocery store and CVS. I could wheel over to downtown Georgetown and peruse the gift and antique shops. I could head over to the Georgetown library to borrow a few books. If I were closer, I could even cruise to work on my bike like my friend Hilary. (Her bike is green with a leather seat and handles.)

I could even continue my stylish ways with a pin-striped basket like my friend Ann suggests here or like this sweet, green number.
Last spring I observed a cute couple riding matching bikes with baskets near Lake Georgetown. Hers was pink, his was blue. Too cute.

If this weren't just a post about frivoulous purchases and I really was capable of buying myself this little present, here's a few I like:

The last bike with the headlamp and saddlebag-style basket is my current favorite. Now, that's it, I'm done. Go daydream about your idea of a frivolous purchase for a while. (wink.)


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