Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Mom Moment #347

Last night my hubs and I were watching one of my new favorite shows, Parenthood. One of the scenes involved a mom helping her brother's son remove his stuck thumb from the mouth of a soda can.

The mom says something like "I happen to have some slippery slime in my purse so we'll put that on it and it should come right off. Let's say the magic words as I pull your thumb out, 'slippery, slimy, slippy!'"

Then voila! The kid's thumb is free.

I then turn to Aaron and say "I'm going to have to Google that slippery slime stuff and make sure I have some in the diaper bag." He looks at me and says, "All that was was lotion."

Maybe I should Google cool mom ways to help your kids out of stuck situations.

 My two little monsters. Let's hope for their sake they never stick their thumbs into any soda cans.

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