Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Lone Girl in a House of Boys

I have long been known as a penny-pincher. "Thrifty" you might say. I can feel an immense guilt-trip upon making a needless purchase on clothes or accessories (thanks again mom and dad for being the best guilt-trippers, ever.) :-)

Now, as a mom of 9-month old twins, I think about budget more than ever. I rarely spend money on clothes for myself anymore as things like diapers, formula, baby food, and more formula have taken their place on my sales receipts. When I first learned I was having boys, I thought it would be difficult to find boy clothes as cute as what they make for little girls.

Not true, it turns out. Girl's clothes do tend to be brighter and more sparkly, thus catching your eye more quickly in the store. But boys clothes are often more rugged, more flexible, and more in the "earth tone" family than girls' clothes. I have embraced the outdoor-sy, bug and truck-themed wear and think my boys look cute even when drool and spit-up have soaked the necks of their shirts.

To give you an idea of the upcoming outfits I have planned for my twins, I've included a few examples below. I hope C & W let me shop for and outfit them for a long time to come.

love the shoes, love the jacket. Note that this young chap has a plant in his backpack. So sweet! (crewcuts)

I like the mismash of the yellow tee and orange kicks (crewcuts)

This reminds me of their dad. (crewcuts)

Here's what they look like now in their striped polos and cargo shorts. (Target)
Awesome image courtesy of our good friend Heather at Eclectic Images Photography. Check out her web site to see more of C & W!

With my good sense of fashion, I bet they'll let me dress them through high school, don't ya think? ;-)


Anonymous said...

They are so cute Lacy. Surely they will want you to dress them forever....and show up to high school in matching outfits!

Veronica said...

They are too cute! I love the striped shirts next to the polka dot blanket, it reminds me of the yellow shirt/orange shoes on the kiddo above. PS - If you are still dressing them in matching outfits in high school, please post pics to the blog...that would be ridiculously amazing!

The Artisann/Ann-tidote said...

loooooooove the yellow tee and orange kicks AND the Aaron look :)


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