Friday, April 9, 2010

One More Festival You Just Can't Miss!

Earlier today, my friend Kendall alerted me to the alarming fact that I forgot to list a very important, prestigious festival in my previous blog post. She has been preparing to attend this festival for days and is taking her entire family with her. Her husband, and two very sweet weiner dogs.

Apparently, I've lived all this time in Central Texas and never realized that just south of her was the "Weiner Dog Capital of Texas." Who knew? And each year, they hold a very popular event: the annual weiner dog races. Each year has a theme and this year's is "The Weiner of Oz." Let's not pause long enough to contemplate the, um, silliness of that name. Moving on!

The event includes not only the races but a costume parade, chili and bbq cook-off, a bake-off, crafts, AND a dance!

To give you a real idea of what's in store, check out this video "The Lord of the Weins: a Dachumentary."

Have fun at the races Kendall!

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