Friday, July 30, 2010

Here's what I'll be doing next week, what will you be doing?

I work as a writer for a technology company in Austin, Texas. I write letters, news releases, reports, articles, and other various marketing materials. Next week marks our annual user conference and man, am I busy! But it's all good, great, and grand: the amount of stuff I have the opportunity to learn is tremendous.

Specifically, I'm working on one summit at the conference that is all about green energy technology.

The NIWeek Energy Technology Summit - Transition to Sustainability is a technical conference of developers from both conventional and renewable energy sectors creating embedded hardware and software solutions to solve global energy problems.

I'll be joining Siemens Wind Power, IBM, CenterPoint Energy, Austin Energy, Pacific Gas & Electric, the National Renewable Energy Lab, venture capitalist and internet pioneer Robert Metcalfe and energy system designers from around the world in a technical event for and by engineers and scientists focused on making energy cleaner, cheaper and more abundant.

Pretty cool, huh? I'll be sure to share any new knowledge with you after the event.

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