Thursday, July 15, 2010

Looks I Love Right Now

I've been meaning to blog about Madewell for a while. I first heard about Madewell when the brand originally launched because I worked at its sister store, J.Crew.

If you haven't stepped foot in a Madewell store yet or perused their website, you should. I like Madewell for it's easy, casual style with a few girly patterns, textures, and frills thrown in. I also appreciate that they sell jeans in European sizes and multiple lengths. (How lovely it is to be 5'9" and not have to order Tall lengths because the regular length is just half an inch too short.)

I own jeans from Madewell, pocket tees, button-front shirts, and a very sweet wool vest that zips up and has multiple pockets.

Here's the site:

And here's a few looks I love right now:

Enjoy. And let me know what you like.


Kelly said...

You know I'm a one-store kind of a girl. But I'll stop in next time I'm in the Domain and let you know what I think!

Anonymous said...

I like the styles you picked. I have one madewell shirt. It's a tie-dye v-neck. It's blue and white and reminds me of the ocean.

Freckles said...

love it! I had never heard of this before... and since there's one in the Domain, I'll have to stop in :)


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