Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Adventures of Captain Destructo and The Annihilator: #12

My twin boys turned one year-old about two weeks ago and are two very active little characters! This weekend gave us reason to give them new nicknames: Captain Destructo and The Annihilator.

My husband and I first thought of theses names after surveying our living room on Saturday night. Wooden ark animals, blocks, and balls were strewn from one end of the house to the other. My coffee table bore the scars of being rammed with a fire engine. Even their father and I could count a new scratch or two thanks to their amazingly fast growing finger nails. Thus, Captain Destructo (Charlie) and The Annihilator (Weston) came to live at my house.

The specific adventure I want to discuss today took place at the lovely neighborhood grocery market. Riding along in their side-by-side stroller, Captain Destructo and The Annihilator began taking turns putting their index fingers into each others mouth. Hehehe, hahaha, so funny.

Until The Annihilator used his four baby-sized chompers to bite down, and hold on, to Captain Destructo's finger.

Then came the tears...and the whining...and the shrinking away into the corner of the stroller to try and get away. We couldn't get through the "speedy" 20 items only checkout fast enough.

Despite all this, I love my boys. Before I was ever pregnant, I always thought it would be fun to have two boys who would be brothers as well as great friends. I can already see that happening, despite occasional appearances of Captain Destructo and The Annihilator.

I look forward to all of their future adventures.


Minette said...

Long may they reign!

Anonymous said...

Trouble! But cute trouble.

arohre said...

it looks like charlie is asking, "who me?" and weston is just embracing the reality of his role in the family.

laurak said...

Now how can these sweet angels be that destructive?


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