Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Differences Between Moms and Dads

This morning, Weston's teacher informed us that yesterday he chased, caught, and proceeded to taste a frog by putting it in his mouth.

My reaction: Gag. Ugh! Yuck! Eww! That's disgusting! I'm so glad we brushed his teeth last night! And I proceeded to eye my cute little boy with a look of apprehension.

My husband's reaction: That's what little boys do.

I am completely out numbered.


Michael Maine said...

That's awesome! Frogs aren't that bad. At least he was determined and didn't stop until he got the prize!

Austin Eavesdropper said...

Lacy! This sounds like something that just happened in my house. Ross was chasing Claudia (our cat) with one of those big, inflatable exercise balls...decided to KICK IT, and promptly broke several wine glasses! Boys!!

Love reading about your sweet little family. :)


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