Friday, October 22, 2010

This and That (October)

My house has been ill this month. Everyone's been some form of sick or not feeling well. Lately, it's growing teeth that has us all down. Pain and soreness for the boys with tiredness and increased worrying for me. Hopefully, we're coming out of it.

For this long overdue blog post, I am borrowing an idea from a blog I follow called Tierd. This mom writes her post in the form of short anecdotes about her children she calls "Bits and Pieces." Here's my list of the little things we've been experiencing lately.

  • The boys are talking much more lately and their newest words include Hi, bye bye, baby, quack quack, ball, and dog. My favorites are baby because Weston says it like this "Baaayy - be" and does the baby sign at the same time. And I also like to ask "what do lions say?" and hear both Charlie and Weston say "Arrr!!"
  • Much to Aaron's chagrin, the boys new favorite pasttime is turning off the cable box while he's watching sports. They actually know what the button does when they push it because they will push it once, then pop up and see what happens to the picture on the TV, then squat back down under the TV to push the button on the cable box again.
  • Both of my guys are pretty good eaters but have lately been rejecting the oddest things. Weston turns his nose up at pasta salad with carrots, cheese, and pepperoni so Charlie will just eat his. Both boys also don't like cut up apple but they will eat applesauce.
  • Bath time has become short and sweet because they've figured out how to work the drain to let the water out. Sometimes it happens when the soap isn't even out of their hair yet!
  • Weston was sick and didn't go to school on Tuesday so when we picked up Charlie at the end of the day, Weston kept reaching out to grab his face because he was so excited to see his Charlie again. I am glad to see this brotherly love so early


Anonymous said...

I love your children.

LKR said...

And I love yours. I can't wait to meet him or her but I already know they are going to be one cool kid.

Julia Betts said...

so cute. I love seeing your stories and how much boys become a handful!! But we love every minute of it.


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