Monday, November 29, 2010

Help me decide!

I've been on a pretty good reading streak lately devouring everything from Julie and Julia to The Facebook Effect to The Help (loved!). But now, I'm at a loss for where to start next. My "to read at some point" book list currently has 67 books on it. Sometimes I like young adult fiction, sometimes historical biographies, other times I try to tackle the classics I just haven't finished yet. Like Pride and Prejudice which I've started at least four times and never finished. But I digress.

I randomly chose the five titles to the right from my list for an informal poll here on Hybrid Cars. Take a sec to vote and the winner will be my next assignment. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I see you have been on a pretty good reading streak.

Can you get on a blogging streak so that the rest of us can be on a pretty good reading streak? Thanks.

Cottage gal said...

Touche friend. I always appreciate your reminders about my failed blogging. I have asked a guest blogger to be the first post of 2011 so we'll see if he comes through.

Anonymous said...

By 2011 did you mean the Chinese New Year because I don't see a post yet.


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