Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Is this where everyday moms and fashion finally meet?

I've always loved clothes, even before I worked in retail at J.Crew. I was an early fan of the Gap sale rack and always found things to buy at The Limited because my mom approved of their "more mature looking" style.

Lately, I've found it harder to shop because a) I'm never without 2 or 3 boys in tow and b) because I just can't justify spending money on clothes at this moment. Well last week, this article caught my eye. I follow Fast Company on twitter for all the latest business news and this article boasted that Crocs were making a comeback.

I've never owned a pair of Crocs and I always heard it wasn't a good idea to put kids in them too early because of their lack of support. But this article may help me change my tune.

Check these new styles out!

The updated, current jelly shoe.

The autumn-flavored, suede pump.

What do you think? Are these appealing to other on-the-go, fast-paced moms?


arohre said...

I object to being called a boy...wait maybe this proves your point...

Anonymous said...

I was just about to comment that I thought is was hilarious you referred to Aaron as a boy. LOL

Lacy - we are outnumbered!

I love the pumps. I have a pair of "dress Crocs." They are dress Crocs because they have a rhinestone on them. As my mother always says, "A classy woman can wear cubic zirconium."


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